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Acquire an in-depth understanding of the link building landscape in your industry and get link building buy-in from your senior leaders.


Rather Than blindly building backlinks

Answer The Most Common Questions
About Link Building With Data & Analytics

The Link Intelligence Report answers these questions objectively using data:

      • Why do I need to build links?
      • How many links do I need to build?
      • How much is that going to cost?

Backlink Velocity

Recommended Budget

Cost To Rank

Domain Level Analysis

Page Level Analysis

Ahrefs Descriptive Statistics

Majestic Descriptive

Removes Low Quality Links

Competitor Link Velocity Insights

Link Needed To Close Gap

SERP Analysis

Links Needed Per Month

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Link Intelligence Report Add Ons

Depending on your specific needs and your use case with the report, we offer a number of different report add ons.

What Our Clients Say

No, but kind of. We have a software we built internally that allows us to quickly build these reports (which is why we can price them so low), but this is not a traditional SaaS where you can login and get a report instantly built for you via software. 

No, the data does not update. When we build a report, it’s a snapshot in time. That said, there isn’t really a reason to want a report that updates frequently. If you’re very serious about link building, we recommend purchasing a new, updated report every 6 – 9 months.

We use Ahrefs backlink data because Ahrefs has the largest available backlink index. We also use data from Majestic to help determine the quality of a backlink.

We have a YouTube video series on how to use the Link Intelligence Report found here

Yes! We create the following filters that only include links that meet certain requirements:

  • Quality Flag
  • Quality Flag 2

Quality Flag includes:

  • Follow links
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating >= 20
  • Organic Traffic >= 1000 visits per month.

Quality Flag 2 includes:

  • Everything in Quality Flag
  • Trust Flow >= 12
  • Citation Flow >= 12
  • Trust Ratio >= 0.8

On the first portion of the report (i.e the Domain-Level Analysis), we analyze 2 competitors along with your (or your clients) website. 

On the second portion of the report (the Page-Level Analysis), we include all the URL on the first page of the SERP for each keyword.

Yes! Contact us for custom reports. 

We charge $99 for 3 additional competitors for the domain-level analysis. 

We charge $99 for 3 additional keywords for the page-level analysis. 

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Acquire an in-depth understanding of the link building landscape in your industry.